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He walks silently

Today, I’m sharing a few sneak peeks of my latest paintings. They’re of a magical, ghostly lynx character. I’ve decided to go with green colour palettes for these illustrations because I’ve missed painting with green so much. I’ve spent most of the year working with blues, whites and purples depicting winter. And now that the warm weather might soon be over - I thought I better get some summery imagery into my projects. =)

As you might be able to tell - I’ve used the same pose of the lynx walking. I was playing around with scale and different environments. I painted the lynx in the green and white forest setting first, and then I had an urge to paint him again but TINIER! So, I ended up making a miniature painting that is 2.5 x 4.5 inches. I get a certain kick out of drawing as small as I can. This isn’t the smallest I can do, but for I’ll save that miniature mindset for another time.

Media: coloured waterproof inks + watercolour paints + gouache + microns

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